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Youth Ride Free

Now in its 8th consecutive year, the "Youth Ride Free" program continues to provide free transportation for Rapid City's school-aged youth.

Free transportation will provide students better access to schools, libraries, recreation, and social events as well as save money for families and foster appreciation for public transportation among the city's youth. The change has increased school attendance, access to school resources, and participation in school and community activities.

RapidRide maps, materials and regular ride schedules are easily available online as well. Use the links below to see routes and times. Free travel training is available upon request. If you have questions or would like to schedule travel training, call us at 605-394-6631 ext. 0 between 7am-5:30pm Monday-Friday.

The Rapid Transit System is not providing physical passes to youth riders at this time.  However, registration is still required for safety purposes.  High School age youth are strongly encouraged to always have an ID in order to prove their eligibility for the program.  This could be a current school ID or any government issued ID.  A clear photo on a cell phone is acceptable.

*At this time we are not able to accommodate Terra Sancta and Corral Drive school Tripper Routes.

*An adult must accompany any children under five years old.

Rapid City youth must complete the registration form in order to utilize the fixed route Rapid Transit System. Registration can be done online by clicking on the "Register For Your youth ride free pass" below, calling the Rapid Trasnsit System Dispatch office at 605-394-6631 ext. 0, or the form can be printed and submitted by mail to:

Rapid Transit System
333 6th Street
Rapid City, SD 57701

Infants, toddlers and preschool age youth do not need to register.

If you have questions or require additional assistance, please contact Kendra Magelky, Operations Coordinator, at 605-394-6631 ext. 2 or

RapidRide System Maps & Schedules

Borglum silhouette


Alternating loops along West Main St. and Jackson Blvd. Major destinations: Stevens High School, West Middle School, Oyate Health Center, Canyon Lake Park.

View Borglum Route

Coolidge silhouette


North and South central Rapid City loops. Major destinations: Rushmore Crossing, Monument Health by St Thomas More High School, VA Clinic, Walmart North, Walmart South.

View Coolidge Route

Jefferson silhouette


South East and North East Loops. Major destinations: Walmart North, Community Health Center, Dept. of Social Services, Pennington County Fairgrounds.

View Jefferson Route

Lincoln silhouette


North and South central Rapid City loops. Major destinations: Rushmore Mall, Walmart North, Monument Health by St Thomas More High School.

View Lincoln Route

Roosevelt silhouette


North and South central Rapid City loops. Major destinations: Rushmore Mall, Post Office, Monument Health by St Thomas More High School, YMCA, Star Village.

View Roosevelt Route

Washington silhouette


North and South central Rapid City loops. Major destinations: Rushmore Mall, VA Clinic, Walmart North, The Monument, YMCA.

View Washington Route

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