Youth Ride Free

Youth Ride Free

As part of the new program to allow free transportation for Rapid City’s school-aged youth, beginning Wednesday, August 30 -- the first day of school in the Rapid City public school system -- school-aged youth (K-12) can access any one of the six RapidRide routes for free. Mayor Steve Allender proposed the new system with the City Council approving the proposal.

Mayor Allender states free transportation will provide students better access to schools, libraries, recreation, and social events as well as save money for families and foster appreciation for public transportation among the city’s youth. Rapid City School Superintendent, Dr. Lori Simon, indicates the change could increase school attendance, access to school resources, and participation in school and community activities. New for 2017 Rapid Transit will let parents accompany their children for free August 21st through August 29th.  

Use the links below to see full stop lists and departure times. If you have questions about the program or Rapid Transit in general, call us at 394-6631 between 7am-6pm Monday-Friday.

*Free Fare for youth does not apply to Terra Sancta School Tripper and Corral Drive / Southwest Middle School Tripper Routes at this time.

*An adult must accompany any children under five years old.

System Map

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Individual Routes

  • Borglum (.pdf)

    Alternating loops along West Main St. and Jackson Blvd. Major destinations: Stevens High School, West Middle School, Soo San Hospital, Canyon Lake Park.

  • Coolidge (.pdf)

    North and South central Rapid City loops. Major destinations: Rushmore Crossing, Rapid City Regional Hospital, VA Clinic, Walmart North, Walmart South.

  • Jefferson (.pdf)

    South East and North East Loops. Major destinations: Walmart, Community Health Center, Dept. of Social Services, Pennington County Fairgrounds.

  • Lincoln (.pdf)

    North and South central Rapid City loops. Major destinations: Rushmore Mall, Walmart, Rapid City Regional Hospital.

  • Roosevelt (.pdf)

    North and South central Rapid City loops. Major destinations: Rushmore Mall, Post Office, Rapid City Regional Hospital, YMCA, Star Village.

  • Washington (.pdf)

    North and South central Rapid City loops. Major destinations: Rushmore Mall, VA Clinic, Walmart, Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, YMCA.

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Public Notice of Rights

Non-Discrimination - Your Rights Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) ensures full compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by prohibiting discrimination against any person on the basis of race, color or national origin in the provisions of benefits and services resulting from federally assisted programs and activities. Any person, who believes the City of Rapid City, has violated his /her Title VI protections, should contact the Rapid Transit System at 605-394-6631 or The CITY's Title VI policy, complaint procedures shall be made available upon request by contacting the Rapid Transit System as indicated above .For federal Title VI information please contact the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), Region 8 at 720-963-3300. Federal Title VI information, including filing complaints, can also be accessed on the FTA web site at: